Many times I am asked about grotesque and violent dreams.  I have found that when we are acting violently towards another or many in a dream it can represent an aspect or aspects of self that we are fighting with or trying to kill off.  Indeed the battle within!

Sadly and far too frequently this battle within ourselves that we are subconsciously fighting is projected outwardly towards others during our daily lives, with us usually totally unaware that is what is happening, rather than us dealing with it internally, simply because many of us have never been taught how to effectively deal with it internally.

In order to be whole, which for me is at peace and ease with one’s Self, we need to accept, integrate, forgive and love ALL aspects of ourselves, the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly.  Not something I believe many of us have been shown or taught how to do and most who seek “spiritual enlightenment” or “wholeness” have a tendency to focus purely on the light.

Our world consists of polarities and does appear to me to require a balance of both “dark” and “light” – just as there is a perfect balance of daylight and night time hours in our days, so too can the same exist within all of us.  Most of us are somewhat out of balance though and as we do the inner work and balance ourselves our external reality can and does change to reflect that.

There is enormous personal freedom gained when we cease to see things as good or bad, black or white, light or dark and can see that all just is however it is for whatever reason.  There is only one thing in life we can change and that is ourselves as the only constant in life I have found yet occurs frequently – change.

We may have opinions, judgments, beliefs and often strong ones at that, about certain behaviours that occur but at the end of the day all we can ever truly do if we don’t like what we are seeing or experiencing is look at anything that occurs and our re-action to it and ask “What is this showing me or teaching me about myself?”  We have no power to change anything other than our immediate re-actions to what appears to be external to us by becoming more aware of our re-actions and then doing the necessary internal work to transform them into responses, empowering ourselves and making clearer boundaries concerning what behaviour we do and do not want to experience in our lives.

Expectation is a prime example – whenever we expect anything from anyone else and they are not in a position to deliver many feel hurt and get angry or upset with the other person but in truth who are we really angry with?  Yet when we expect absolutely nothing from anyone the most amazing and wonderful things occur in our lives seemingly quite miraculously all by themselves at times.

When we reach this stage of our personal development where all just is accepted as it is and we are not living in the duality of highs and lows, right and wrong etc., not making judgments or assumptions about anyone or anything, it makes it impossible to blame or judge anyone or anything for whatever it is we personally experience.  All just becomes part of the whole to which we are innately connected.

We do not know for a second why something may be as it is or is occurring as it is, all we can understand or attempt to try to understand is that all occurs for reasons we may not yet see the bigger picture of until we are a little further down the track.  None of us can truly live in hindsight, we can however live much more easily and more peacefully with foresight when we are truly living in the moment of right here, right now.

If for eg you see a train coming at you, you get out of the way.  You cannot however have not seen the train, been hit by it and then think I should have gotten out the way of that.  We have an internal warning system called intuition which speaks to us in the form of gut feelings and by way of dreams/images/vision/synchronicity and the more we pay attention to it the easier our lives flow more beautifully. The more we listen and act accordingly on this inner guidance the stronger it becomes.  It is when we aren’t even aware it exists or when we refuse to listen to that internal alarm bell that just went off that we experience drama and stress or get stuck in situations that truly do not bring us peace.

Guns are the most frequently asked about symbol in relation to violent dreams and dependant on the dreamer and their own personal experience with guns they very frequently represent some aspect of yourself having power over you – would you argue with anyone who held a gun at you?

Past lives in which wars, torture, mutilation, rape and murder have occurred (often waking you with your own screams or a sensation of fear which slams your consciousness back into your body or panic/anxiety and even sweeting or in tears on occasion) can also make themselves known in these dreams and as with all dreams you need to firstly go with your own “gut feeling” and look at the whole experience symbolically, treating each aspect in your dream as an aspect of yourself, not as something or someone external to you.

Personally I believe that these kinds of dreams which can become nightmares can also be stimulated by the excessive and in my opinion somewhat unnecessary violence that many of us choose to watch, courtesy of the electronic media.

How anyone can expect to have a peaceful night’s sleep when they have just filled their consciousness with visions and sounds of explosions, rapes, violence, fear and murders just prior to going to bed is beyond my comprehension.  Just walk into any DVD store and see how very many movies exist that are all based on themes of violence, horror, fear, fighting, kidnapping, assault, abuse and killing.

I find it absolutely amazing that many of us can sit in our lounge rooms feeling upset because of the violence we witness happening daily all over the world, which many choose to watch and which many choose to give their support to the very industries and governments that validate, justify and glorify such terror.

Many of us hold concern for the victims we see nightly on the news and yet we wouldn’t even know if a person living near us was needing assistance or in fact was still alive.  Sadly nine times out of ten most of us wouldn’t even care.

Maybe it is a good thing we experience violent dreams occasionally in order to fully feel the fear that similar daily actions would produce in ourselves and others, so that we truly know and understand the horror and senselessness of violence and war.

Cheers, Cheryl.

© Cheryl O’Connor 2014.


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