“Dreamtime lover comes to me
helping me to clearly see
all I truly need to know
your love for me you always show.

Guiding me to do what’s right,
giving me strength and insight.
Physically separate but living as One,
teaching me what needs to be done.

Knowing our love only grows and can never end
as you assist me gradually to my Self mend.”


Sexual energy, Creative energy, Kundalini, God, Goddess, Universal Life Force, Divine Union, Great Spirit, Reiki, Seichim – and whatever else you can possibly think of are all labels really for ONE energy and the ultimate expression and explosion of that energy = ORGASM – ever wondered why you often start saying “Oh God” in the heat of the moment?

Next time you start to feel a headache coming on rather than pop a “pain re-leaver” have an orgasm – works wonders – don’t just believe me – try it for yourself! Certainly takes your mind off your headache and puts a smile on your face, if nothing else.

I so often hear in whispers “I had the most amazing sexual dream but I can’t tell you the details it’s too embarrassing.” Well hello everyone 🙂 … guess what? Yes we ALL dream about sex and there’s absolutely NOTHING to truly be embarrassed by other than perhaps your own conditioning around the topic of sex.

There aren’t too many of us who don’t dream of “doing it” with pop stars, movie stars, high profile personalities, our neighbours, people from our past and people in our present that physically we would not have intimate relations with. We all dream at one time or another of making love to same sex partners, opposite sex partners, and anything else imaginable.

In a dream ANYTHING is possible, sizes and shapes of sexual organs can range from miniscule to gigantic (for both sexes) bits can be missing or they can seem to perform amazing tricks apparently all by themselves that couldn’t possibly happen in waking reality. Sexual situations can arise in dreams that in this reality would be considered as “not normal” or even “sick”, “perverted” etc.

Sexual dreams are as normal and fundamental to our existence as is breathing, eating, sleeping, and making love with our partners.

Often in sexual dreams the message is all about integration rather than a subconscious desire to become intimate with that person or whatever else you may be being sexual with. The main question to ask yourself after a sexual dream encounter is what do you see in the person or whatever you are being sexual with that you yourself need to integrate within you?

Next time you have a full on sex dream try to see sexual energy for what it truly is – spiritual, creative, life force energy – without which nothing can “come” to life and fruition so relax and enjoy :). Cheers, Cheryl.

© Cheryl O’Connor 2014.


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