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It is becoming clearer to many that addiction is a disease or illness, not a choice we consciously make that we should be punished for. God knows we punish ourselves and suffer enough in this life without “society” and law makers punishing us further simply because we are not well. A very long time ago I read that all disease could be seen as dis-ease i.e. not being at ease or at peace with ourselves. So is addiction to anything actually really just dis-ease? The roots of which lay in learned behaviour?

Addiction is, from my perception, certainly a symptom of a far deeper cause than that which lays on the behavioural, psychological and physiological surface.  Western medicine primarily always looks at symptoms and what can be seen, attempts to treat that solely usually with chemicals or surgery and rarely does it look for causes that to the naked or microscopic eye are unseen. Yet when we find and heal cause within ourselves of physical symptoms, dis-ease, or behaviour we do not find acceptable, would like to not be experiencing or are subconsciously participating in, the symptoms just simply no longer exist. From birth we are taught to seek outside ourselves for what we need to make us feel good – love, encouragement, nurturing, guidance, cuddles, belief in ourselves etc.

As the child of an alcoholic step-father and cigarette smoking mother their addictions became learned behaviour for me so it stood to reason that as they were the two main ways in which I was shown adults behaved and coped with whatever they were trying to cope with, that I would naturally follow in their footsteps. As a teenager from about 14 onwards after a rape situation occurred I began to consume cigarettes. Not long after when I left home due to the situation I was living in there, I began to consume alcohol and drugs to the point I damn near killed myself. Surviving on little food, drugs, cigarettes, coffee and alcohol was not at all healthy, nor was it a good mix, reducing my weight so dramatically after six months, the only clothes I could wear were size 16 children’s clothing and I was so unwell that not even my own mother recognised me.

I didn’t feel that anyone cared about me, so why should I care? What did it really matter whether I lived or not? All I wanted to do was have a good time and feel better. I did not want, at all, to feel the pain and sadness of not feeling loved, cared for, cared about or understood, of being hit, yelled at, controlled, nor the fear of the alcoholic induced, often physical, arguments and abuse I had been living with since about 6 years of age on a regular and totally unpredictable basis.

To say I, like so many people in this world, grew up in a dysfunctional environment is putting it mildly. My consumption of alcohol, drugs and cigarettes lessened for a short while after another whose love for me quite literally saved my life by showing me they were the only person in my life who did care which gave me the gift of hope and I once again started ingesting regular meals.   I then slid back into copious ingesting of drugs, alcohol and cigarettes whenever I got the opportunity to do so after I was involved in a fatal car accident at 17 in which the young man I had been living with for six months was killed. Back in those days there was no counselling available like there is now.

There was also no funeral and no grave for this young man who lost his life to a drunk driver at only 23 years of age. I was seriously injured and it took a good six months for me to learn how to walk again. The only words I heard at the time from my step-father were “Write down how much pain you are in each day so we can get more money.” The only people in my family who even said they were sorry I had been injured and this young man had died was my mother and one of my step-brothers.   For everyone else in my immediate circle it seemed to me to be a case of suck it up buttercup and just get on with your life.

Drugs, cigarettes and alcohol became my friends, they numbed me from feeling all that was going on inside me. They distracted me and they became my “pain killers”, my “feel good medicine” of choice because I simply had no knowledge of other coping skills I could utilise. The catch being, as all addicts know, is that once we start down this path our brains and our bodies tell us we need more and more “feel good medicine” and “pain killers” to maintain that feel good state of being, to actually cope and survive, to not feel all that pain, anger, grief and sadness living within us that is so very real and raw and it is a very slippery slope we travel until eventually we either kill our bodies or our lives fall apart so badly we hit rock bottom.

We have two choices if we actually do survive and hit rock bottom, continue as we have done and physically die, or trawl the depths and start to bounce back from what feels like the bottomless black hole we have been sucked into that also very much feels like a literal hell or nightmare there often seems to be no escaping from.   Thankfully I was one who chose to trawl the depths and bounce back when in 1992 at 28 I was again faced with my own impending physical death.

What I came to understand as I started to walk the path of the Shaman which was a path that at the time I had no clue I was even walking, was that I, like so many other folk in this world, was actually experiencing what in Shamanic terms is known as Soul loss.

Soul loss can best be described as us becoming like the walking dead, merely surviving, not living and thriving as was intended, simply because who we truly are is not fully present in our bodies.  Parts of us that have not wanted to feel grief, trauma, fear, shock, loss or pain have fragmented off into the subconscious abyss and in very simple terms it is like we are not fully at home in our bodies when we are ingesting substances or distracting ourselves with addictive behaviours or by external means in order to make us feel better or not feel our pain. It is literally like we have huge energetic holes in us, great gaping wounds that we defend, need others to fill, or don’t want to feel the pain of because they are so raw and we are so very vulnerable.

These energetic holes we have, we attempt to fill with external substances or means which consequentially then just make our bodies and our minds very sick indeed. We behave in ways not previously known to us once we start on the road of addiction and it is also not behaviour that those close to us know from us as being “normal”. How many times does the drunken or high person just not seem to be themselves? It is like we become totally different people, often aggressive, angry, totally uncaring and hurtful towards others simply because we are hurting and we just don’t give a damn. We become harmful to ourselves and others and we often have absolutely no memory the next day of our behaviour.

Our behaviour however is NOT us, it is a symptom or cover up if you like hiding whatever we have experienced or been conditioned to believe. How many times does the drunken or drugged person lash out in Jekyll and Hyde fashion?   You never really know what to expect but you just know that who you know that person to be is no longer present in the body in front of you.   This is because we are definitely NOT ourselves at all. Who we truly are is no longer contained in our bodies. What primarily happens with ingesting alcohol and drugs is that when who we truly are checks out of our bodies it’s like an empty house and other “darker” energies with perhaps not so good intentions take over.   This may seem like a very strange and far-fetched concept to many but perhaps for those who have lived it, seen it in others, you will know precisely what I am referring to.

So… how do we heal these gaps and holes we try to fill by external means? How do we stop this happening? How do we change our behaviour? How do we become fully present in our bodies and become whole, well and healthy again?   There is only one way I personally found and that was firstly to make a decision I didn’t want to be that way any longer given that I was so out of control at times, often very re-active, aggressive, defensive, angry, miserable, depressed and more times than not, suicidal.

I did not do the whole re-hab thing, nor did I do AA or have any other types of support in place similar to those, I just said enough when I was faced with my own impending physical death, for the fear of death at 28, which I no longer carry, put the wind up me, literally, and I prayed like I had never prayed in my life prior to be free of it all and to feel nothing but peace, love and acceptance within me.

What ensued was 10 solid years of feeling ever so much grief, trauma, pain, confusion and sadness as I firstly turned to alternative therapies to help heal my body because all the doctors I saw over a six month period all said there was nothing wrong with me – here have some Prozac, meanwhile my body was shutting down more and more each day.   I uncovered and discovered all my physical symptoms were due to constant abuse and unfelt emotions, which I also discovered did not just come from this lifetime but past lifetime experiences as well, all of which had resulted in symptoms associated with having a blocked small intestine and kidneys that were barely working.

I trusted all I was drawn to and underwent attunement to Reiki/Seichim, learnt how to work with my dreams, attended many courses, began walking, meditations and yoga, ate better, studied for two Diplomas in Counselling, one Holistic, one standard that also included some alternative modalities. I read all I could get my hands on, discovering along the way many fragmented parts of me, along with many gifts and skills I never even knew existed within me. Gradually my addictions abated but always there is work to be done.

Physical pains were always linked in with emotional pain, the true cause and source of which came to me either via dreaming or during meditations (which is really the same state of consciousness) and it truly was only in the fully feeling of ALL the emotions that bubbled up from within me and by integrating/re-membering i.e. bringing into being, the fragmented parts of me I re-connected with in The Dreaming, that eventually there was peace. I came to see that time did not exist as we know it to exist, that past definitely has an impact on the present until we heal it by fully feeling it and releasing it (shutting the door on it and just saying past is past, forget it and get on with your life, simply does not work) and that the emotions which came with memories or in the dreaming, meditations etc., were just energy passing through.

Rather than numbing those emotions, once felt and released, with each and every process of integration and release, a strength, love, acceptance, understanding and peace began filling me up like nothing I had ever experienced before. There is an old saying you may have heard of – The cup must be emptied before it can be filled.   This was certainly the case for me and I began to live by the motto which Jamie Sams brought into the world “To feel is to heal.”

Emotional pain is the LAST thing any of us want to feel – we do everything we can to avoid it yet it is only in feeling it, that we truly do heal it and are free of it. Was it easy work?   Definitely not.   Was it lonely work? It certainly was. Was it worth it? Without a doubt. For I learnt the hard way that no matter what I chose to ingest that was external to me, no matter how much I sought love and acceptance externally from others, no matter what I did to feel “better”, and no matter how “strong” I had been to just carry on Columbus and survive it all, the real strength came when I turned fully inward to find, eventually, all I needed was already inside me for me the love, peace, wisdom, knowing and acceptance I was seeking only came when I paid attention to what my dreams and daily life were showing me and what my memories and emotions were telling me about myself and about life. As I uncovered who I truly was I also discovered there would never be a need again for me to re-cover my Self.

To free ourselves from addiction is a huge undertaking as there is so much in this world we can become attached and addicted to. It is however achievable if we have the courage, faith and trust needed to turn inward, face our fears, grief, pain and trauma, feel it all fully and be free of it once and for all. Many of us are so busy telling our stories, which whilst important, does not enable us to actually feel the emotion contained in those stories for our stories come from our heads.

No-one can do this work for us, it is something we all must do for ourselves for it is only in doing for Self that we become more Self-aware, more Self responsible, heal and become more Self empowered. It is not at all selfish to do this work for it brings about self-centeredness, balance, peace, love, acceptance, respect for all life and an awareness of our wholeness with all life, like nothing else we have ever experienced can, all of which is then reflected back to us in the world.

The choice whether we do this work or not is entirely ours to make. We can keep going as we have been or we can quite literally turn our whole world and reality around by coming from the inside out and in doing so move out of the nightmare of externalism, blame, victim mentality, attack, defence and addiction.

Much love and peace to all.

Cheers, Cheryl.

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We’ve all heard that old saying one door shuts and another opens and it was very much the situation for me this past week.

The same week my contract with Earthlee Angel Therapies at Burpengary came to an end and I chose not to renew it,  I was gifted with the offer of using the space of the Signal Room which is part of the Railway Station, located in the South West corner of the Park at Old Petrie Town, North Pine Country Park, Dayboro Road, Kurwongbah by my lovely friend and family member, who has always been supportive of me and my work since the first day I walked into his Gallery in the park some 20 years ago now, Mr  Terry Saleh, Spiritual Artist and Healer of Terry Saleh Art Global Enterprises.

The Railway Station was originally North Pine Station, opened in 1888 and it served as a Cobb & Co Station and Railway Station for over a century.  It was later re-named Petrie Station after pioneer Tom Petrie.  In 1992 it was moved to the park and it was officially re-opened by The Honourable Leneen Forde AC, Governor General of Queensland at the time in 1993.

With the help of my Warrior Woman mum, in less than 24 hours over a two day period, we cleaned and transformed the inside of the building and set it up for me to start practicing in as of this Sunday.

To have a space of my own to work from and create the Steiner Based Dolls and Toys in is just the most blessed gift I could have received this coming Easter.  No longer will I need to cart boxes of materials and supplies constantly, loading and unloading my ute, or having craft materials scattered throughout my house which is where I have been making the dolls and toys from.  Absolutely chuffed, excited and delighted is the only words close to how I was feeling when I accepted Terry’s offer.   Filled with awe inspiring gratitude when I sat quietly in the space on my own yesterday also comes somewhat close to that experience.

Please note change of availability with this move starting this Easter Sunday:

Sunday:  8am to 1pm  you will find me in the Signal Room.

Monday to Wednesday: 9am to 3pm at the Signal Room or at Lawnton.

If you would like to make an appointment please send me an email at

I have a vision in my head of things I  would like to do with the space in due course but really didn’t think we could get it ready as quickly as we have done, so I am pretty darn pleased with the transformation so far.   If you are passing by or just want to come and say hi – you are most welcome to do so, have a cuppa with me and lap up the peace and beauty of this space whilst you are at it.

Cheers and for those who celebrate it – Many Blessings for your Easter too.




When our bodies become stressed due to pressure we feel is placed upon us or when we become anxious about anything the body produces adrenalin from the adrenal glands located near the kidneys. This adrenalin makes our hearts pump harder and faster to push blood to our larger muscles because adrenalin is naturally produced by the body for situations where we are faced with either a fight or flight for our lives scenario.

Whilst this is occurring our breathing becomes shallow which does not allow enough oxygen into our bodies. Lack of breath to the body can result in panic attacks, fatigue, further anxiety, emotional distress, depression, muscle tension, headaches and may also exacerbate the symptoms of people suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The normal function of the breath is to bring oxygen which is life force energy into our bodies so that not only do we receive oxygen to stay alive but also so that we can exhale any toxins contained within the body in the form of carbon dioxide. A person can survive for a time without water or food but they cannot survive without oxygen.

It is therefore vital to our health and well-being that we remember to breathe in times of anxiety or stress. Bringing oxygen into the body where pain exists also assists that pain to lessen. As a baby and small child this came natural to all of us as watch any baby or young child and you will see they do not breathe into their chests but into their abdomens.

With our busy lives many of us have forgotten how to breathe deeply into our abdomens and instead only breath into our chests, which results in irregular or rapid breathing and that in turn heightens our stress or our anxiety and emotional distress. As less oxygen is available to our blood there is also less time available for our toxic carbon dioxide to be exhaled which can lead to us feeling very tired, lethargic and also depressed.


  1. It increases the circulation of the lymphatic system which in turn speeds up recover and assists with our internal garbage disposal system.
  2. It aids our immune systems by giving us more energy to allow our bodies to regenerate, detoxify and self-heal.
  3. It assists to balance both the left and right sides of our brains, whilst also calming our nervous systems which in turn decreases our anxiety and the stress-related disorders many of us suffer due to our busy lifestyles and interactions with other people which we may find upsetting or stressful.
  4. Deep breathing can be used in any situation and requires no supportive tools to achieve it. All that is required is remembering to use this technique whenever you are feeling stressed, anxious or fearful.
  5. The time required to complete cyclic deep breathing exercises is minimal.


 Should you be someone who is suffering from asthma or any other breathing condition the method of cyclic breathing may exacerbate your condition and it is therefore not recommended that you use it.


Cyclic breathing is a technique used to calm both body and mind whenever anxiety, stress or fear are present.

It is done in rounds whereby you follow the sequence outlined herein in this example of what is known as Hoóponopono Breathing :-

  1. Sit in a comfortable position, both feet on the floor and place your hands either palms down in your lap or on your abdomen.
  2. Breathe as you normally would and be aware of your inflowing and outflowing breath.
  3. Start to breathe in to the count of seven.
  4. Hold your breath to the count of seven.
  5. Breathe out to the count of seven.
  6. Hold your breath to the count of seven.

This constitutes one round and the round should be repeated seven times.

Variations of this which can occur where counting is concerned can be:-

Breathe in to the count of three.

  1. Hold for three.
  2. Breathe out for three.
  3. Hold for three.


Breathe in to the count of three.

  1. Hold for three.
  2. Breathe out for five.
  3. Hold for five.

Your counting should be slow and you should regulate your breath accordingly to your counting. For these additional ways of achieving cyclic deep breathing repeat the rounds until you feel calm.

You will find with practice that breathing deeply into your abdomen over time becomes normal to you once again as it did when you were a small child or baby. You should feel the rise and fall of your abdomen as you do the rounds.

To assist you with achieving this on a regular basis I recommend you do it three times a day, or more often if and when required. The more you practice it and get yourself into a regular rhythm with it the sooner it will become your normal way of breathing. Most new behavioural patterns take a while to develop into an unconscious habit. I have read that it takes our brains up to 21 days to form a new habit which requires no thought for us to do. I would however recommend you make a concerted effort to do it for a month on a regular basis.


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One very profound thing my life has shown me without question is that all consists of energy vibrating at different frequencies or what some folk term “levels”.   What appears to our limited logical, rational, in this reality minds is that we are separate to all that exists around us and that all feels and appears to be solid.  Yet basic science tells us that everything consists of atoms moving or vibrating at different speeds or frequencies if you like.  Quantum Physics has taken great leaps forward in helping us understand that true solidity as opposed to our physical reality of solidity, is just not simply so.  Consciousness is definitely not limited to physical boundaries, distance or what appears to us to be solid.

Where our attention and focus is directed with our consciousness/thoughts is where our energy flows.  Music is a perfect example of how the energy of sound impacts on us and can be very healing when it is focussed. When we truly feel the energy of music that resonates with us it also moves us to dance.

Many of us know that if we focus on “negatives” more negatives appear, if we focus on “positives” more positives appear.  Many of us also know we create a lot of what goes on with our thoughts and our emotions due to our thoughts.  Change the thought and you change the emotion. Feel the energy of the emotion and it no longer exists in your body, for it is transformed and in being released or transformed it stops us getting stuck like sticks on the side of the river bank of life in behaviours and situations that do not make us happy.  Stuck or blocked energy is a huge factor in illness and dis-ease.  Dis-ease whilst we often refer to it as disease, can often equate to not being at ease with one’s Self.

In conscious dreaming or active dreaming, which is what some call lucid dreaming, shamanic journeying or even astral travelling and which also includes what many call past life regression, you become very aware that your consciousness is not just limited to your physical body.  You can and quite often do experience flying or falling for example in your “dream” body.  You can also experience that you are not who you are in this physical reality i.e. you can for eg “dream” that you are an animal, or a tree, or that you are stuck in stone and part of a mountain, you can dream you are a bird and your consciousness can and does merge with other energies including aspects of yourself that normally would not happen for most in their experience within their physical body.

You can even walk through walls in your “dream” body and you can also gain access to what we call “past” lives where you are in a body that you “know” is yours but looks nothing like you presently do.   You can also interact with other Souls you know and even don’t know, some of whom have passed on and no longer exist in a physical body and yes you can also experience aspects of future.

Further, it is not at all uncommon to have telepathic or verbal communication with others, including animals and birds etc. in this altered state of consciousness where “time”, solidity and all that is logical and rational does not exist.   It is also very apparent to me that if you have an issue with someone which cannot be resolved for whatever reason in this physical reality it can very simply and easily be done in what we call “dreaming” so that you gain peace for yourself around whatever situation has occurred that has thrown you off balance emotionally.


Reiki is commonly known to most, but Seichim isn’t.  Personally I have had very lovely sessions with Reiki Practitioners, where I have either released mild blockages of energy that had not been expressed at some point in “time” or where it is all so very relaxing my consciousness has drifted off away from my body to somewhere very peaceful and pleasant.  Reiki alone however, in comparison to a combination of Reiki/Seichim is like comparing a small torchlight to a spotlight.  The energy is  so much more powerful.  Reiki is known as the wave of energy going in, Seichim the wave of energy coming out.

Seichim’s  foundations apparently lay in Buddhist teachings that were brought to India by Buddhist monks at some point in time and it is believed to have derived from the healing power taught and practised in Ancient Egypt called Sekhem and then translated into its Sanskrit equivalent Seichim.

The hieroglyphic symbols used for this very powerful energy are found etched on the sides of the Pyramids and within the tombs of Egypt.  Whilst Sekhem is the energy of the Goddess Sekhmet, primordial Goddess of both healing and destruction, Kwan Yin, the energy of the Eastern Goddess of mercy and compassion is associated with Seichim.  Like Reiki, Reiki/Seichim treatments can be done in person or via distance and then can assist naturally with the healing of any symptom, illness or dis-ease.

Although Seichim is a very gentle, feminine and loving energy it heals in a very direct manner working on core problems and beliefs.  It address the subtle aspects of cause releasing the imprints in the subtle bodies which create symptoms of illness and dis-ease in our physical bodies.  As a tool for self-transformation it accelerates our personal development and aids us in achieving our full potential.  It also assists us to make appropriate changes where necessary in our lives, allowing us to stay more balanced, grounded and confident as we clarify our emotions and experience the ever changing world.

For myself I have seen some quite miraculous things occur when I have done healing with others using Reiki/Seichim either in person or via distance healing and it is not at all uncommon for my hands to become burning hot during a session as I allow the energy to come through them.  Nor is it uncommon for me to experience what we generally call visions concerning the other person.


If you would like to experience the benefit of Reiki/Seichim Healing, distance only being relative to physical location, a half hour session will cost you $30 and the session needs to be and can be pre-paid on my website    Once you have booked your session I will then email you to organise a date and time.   Whilst your name alone will be sufficient enough for me to work with,  it is hugely beneficial if you can also send me a recent photograph of yourself and advise me of what is going on for you. It is not totally necessary that you set aside the half hour we organise but again it would be more beneficial for you to do so.  Further information will come to you via email once you have booked your session and I will also check in with you after it.

Please note that I do not set intentions when doing any healing work.  I merely ask that the session bring whatever is needed for the highest good of all concerned.   I do not claim at all to “cure” anyone of anything a person may be experiencing.

For myself though I know firsthand that Reiki/Seichim alone was responsible for assisting me to stop limping and bend my knee again properly after some 18 years of not being able to due to an injury I sustained in a horrific fatal car accident I was involved in.  The result was quite miraculous as specialists I had seen concerning my knee over the years had told me emphatically that I would never again re-gain the full use of my knee nor lose the feeling of numbness the injury created.

If you have any questions or are interested in learning more and being attuned to Reiki, Seichim or both please do not hesitate to contact me Thank you.

Cheers, Cheryl.

© Cheryl O’Connor 2014.


‪#‎Cheryl‬ O’Connor.
‪#‎Holistic‬ ‪#‎Counsellor‬, Author & Writer.

* Cognitive & Body Based Counselling.
* Creative & Artistic Therapies.
* Specialising in ‪#‎Dream‬ ‪#‎Analysis‬/‪#‎Conscious‬ ‪#‎Dreaming‬ & ‪#‎Shamanic‬ Journeying.
* ‪#‎Reiki‬/‪#‎Seichim‬ Treatments & Attunements.
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“Dreamtime visions speak to me of the truth within,

Wisdom, Healing & Knowledge of Self to me they bring,

Helping me to know the true essence of my Soul,

enabling me to consciously experience

I AM …. One with the Whole.”

Within all that exists lies an energy so awesome and powerful it can heal ANYTHING, if the recipient is open to the healing.  Some refer to this energy as “God”, “Great Spirit”, “Universal Life Force”, “Love”, “Nature” and it matters not what the label is, it is what this energy does that matters for it is the energy that gives us life.

 For me this energy is what has been labelled Reiki and various other names. It is one of THE most ancient natural forms of healing known to humanity.  Most of us are familiar with the stories of Christ laying his hands on people and healing them and this is EXACTLY what this energy does.  The nature of it is such that both “hands on” and absentee healing can occur very effectively.

Within the body are energy centres known as Chakras and over time these energy centres get clogged by contraction of energy due to emotions, emotional trauma and beliefs that we often subconsciously hang onto.  My personal experience has been that these blockages are a major cause of illness and dis-ease (not being at ease with one’s Self) within human beings.

A Reiki or Reiki/Seichim Practitioner is someone who has undergone attunement to become a “vessel” for this very powerful energy.  When undergoing “attunement” it is not uncommon at all for very deep and hidden emotional issues to arise in the “attuned” which need releasing.  However as each is unique their experience will be different.

Whilst I have experienced this energy is at the core of everything that exists, attunement to it is still necessary.  We humans are a bit like a huge onion – as the core of who we all are, “love”, comes more and more to the fore whilst we shed our layers of fear, grief, trauma, drama and behavioural conditioning.

We can also be likened to a drain pipe – the more “stuff” we hang onto, usually subconsciously, the more the energy which was designed to flow freely within our bodies becomes stuck and blocked.  So you could think of Reiki/Seichim as being a bit like a natural energetic drain cleaner that assists us to remove our muck which creates re-actions within us (re-acting out an old behavioural pattern) and illness as opposed to a response and free flowing life giving energy.

 Seichim is yet another label/form of this energy for all energy vibrates at different levels or frequencies if you like, so Reiki has one frequency, Seichim another.

The healing energy of Seichim was brought to India by Buddhist Monks and is believed to have derived from the healing power taught and practised in Ancient Egypt called Sekhem, which was then translated into its Sanskrit equivalent Seichim.  Whilst Sekhem is the energy of the Goddess Sekhmet, the primordial Goddess of both healing and destruction, Kwan Yin, the Eastern Goddess of Mercy and Compassion is associated with Seichim.

 My personal experiences as a client and then later a Practitioner with a combination of Reiki/Seichim have been so extremely powerful they have been totally life transforming, not just for myself but for those I have worked with.

 A very small sample of some “case scenarios” for your consideration:

  •  A woman came to me with lumps in her breast.  Doctors were going to operate.  At the time she was also seeing a Naturopath.  We had 6 sessions and she followed the advice of her Naturopath.  A scan was done just prior to the scheduled operation to pinpoint exactly where the lumps were and they no longer existed.
  • A pregnant woman who was losing fluid badly due to a standard medical procedure she underwent was hospitalised and was receiving steroids so that her baby’s lungs would develop as it was feared the baby would come grossly pre-maturely.  She came to me in a vision and asked for help.  I sent her healing.  As I did I saw the hole in the embryonic sack close.  Two weeks later I made enquiries as to how she was and much to the doctor’s amazement she had stopped leaking fluid.
  • A small baby lay lethargically in hospital, his life so far had consisted of nothing much more than hospital.   There was a problem with his lungs and consequently his breathing.   I laid my hands on his tiny chest at his Grandmother’s request for several minutes, the next day he was released because he had become so well.   To my knowledge he has not been back to hospital since and last time I say him he was a very healthy 12 year old.
  • I had suffered for 17 years with numbness, tightness and pain in and around my knee for a good 8 inches due to an injury I received when I was involved in a fatal car accident.   When I was attuned to the combination of Reiki/Seichim I released all the grief and trauma caused by this accident that I didn’t even know existed.  For the first time ever there were none of these symptoms occurring with my knee.

Reiki/Seichim treatments can assist naturally the healing of any symptom, illness or dis-ease and although Seichim, like Reiki, is a very gentle feminine and loving energy it heals in a very direct manner working on core beliefs and issues.  It addresses the subtle aspects of cause, releasing the imprints in the subtle bodies which create symptoms of dis-ease in our physical bodies.  As an aid to transformation it accelerates our personal development and aids us in becoming our FULL potential.

It also assists us to make appropriate changes where necessary in our lives, allowing us to stay more balanced, grounded and confident as we clarify our emotions and experience the ever changing world.

Reiki is known as the wave going in, Seichim the wave coming out.

© C. O’Connor 2013.  Image of Kwan Yin sourced from internet – creator unknown.


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