Hi folks, an update for you but firstly thank you so much for following the blog and welcome to all the new folk.  Greatly appreciated.

NEWSLETTER:-  A change to be noted if you sign up for it – you now automatically receive in your thank you email a link to my Dreamwork Booklet – 33 great tips and tricks I have used for the past 23 years when working with dreams and synchronicity.  There is no longer a 10% discount when you sign up, there will however be specials/discounts that vary within each monthly Newsletter, starting at the end of the month.  I don’t have the time to change all the references to the Newsletter in articles and on posters so please regard this as notification of the changes.

FACEBOOK:-  The page is presently sitting at 3,661 likes as I type this, having crossed the 3,000 mark on my birthday  12 May in Australia.  HUGE thank you to all who have been visiting, liking, commenting and sharing posts. I am feeling very honoured to have received the thanks, support and blessing of Mr Robert Moss for my work recently also.

WORKSHOPS & EVENTS: –  Last month I facilitated a Workshop by invitation of The Paranormal Awareness Community at Mango Hill, thank you – was lovely to meet you all:)  and the next Workshop at Wontok will be on 27 June 2015.

I have been invited to attend the bi-annual festiValley at the Samford Valley Steiner School on 29 August as a stall holder with my Steiner inspired dolls and toys and I am looking forward to that event.

THE WELLNESS UNIVERSE: – HUGE thank you also to the AWSOME efforts of The Wellness Universe founders Shari Alyse and Anna Pereira along with other admins.  These wonderful ladies have been working solidly for ages now to create their vision of collaboration, not competition, by creating a website where folk can freely get listed and find all the resources they need in relation to all things wellness, not just of humans but of all life on the planet.  They have created a Facebook Group which contains some of the most incredibly amazing people, wonderful opportunities and information where all of us are working together, to help assist with change for the better within our communities and our world.  If you would like to see my interview on 13 May with Shari Alyse you can do so at  If you would like to visit the website where you will find wonderful articles, quotes, posters and lots of freebies you can do so here  The Wellness Universe also has a Facebook page with over 15,000 likes to date and you can find that at

That’s all folks, Thank you.  Cheers, C.