Welcome to the first in a series of articles that will explore the very generalised symbolism associated with certain animals.  Frog is known to call out when rain is needed and is all about cleansing and renewal. A tadpole looks exactly the same as a foetus and like Frog we firstly grow in water, forming in a similar fashion to Frog.Frog has a cycle of growth, not unlike Butterfly and relates to the growth and transformation that occurs when we cleanse our bodies and Souls with our tears. Frog is primarily water “medicine”.Frog can bring a message to slow down and allow yourself to feel your emotions. It may be that you could benefit from a long soak in the tub to clear away the mental or physical muck that has accumulated.There is an ancient practice associated with Frog Medicine where the Shaman or Medicine person would place water in their mouth and spray it over the body of a sick person to clear away accumulated negative energy.

With the rain that Frog calls out for when the Earth is dry, comes renewal, it is no different for us for when we remove the muck and mud through cleansing and releasing, we too are renewed.

If Frog appears it can be about these things but it can also be about our unwillingness to remove the muck, unstick ourselves from the mud we have accumulated. It could also be about allowing ourselves to become so involved with other folks issues, dramas and problems that we have become overwhelmed or are feeling drained or that perhaps we have immersed ourselves in one particular aspect of our life and need to get ourselves out of our dry ruts.

It speaks of obtaining a different viewpoint also and that it would be beneficial to take a break, re-new and re-vitalise yourself.

Like all symbols – what Frog means to you will be based on your own perceptions and experiences – generalised meanings are just helpful starting points for you to explore further if you choose to.

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