The “King” of all birds, the majestic and powerful Eagle is my most favourite of all the birds. It is said that Eagle is the medicine of the power of Great Spirit or, if you prefer, “God”.Eagle has been part of my life for as long as I can recall now and never once has its appearance and what I gain from observing it failed me yet in assisting to help me navigate and understand which direction I am going or what is really going on for me at the deepest level in any given situation.

Eagle soars the heavens so it is said lives where Great Spirit dwells. Eagle observes life on Earth with precision and an all encompassing view. They mate for life and speak of our ability to rise above the mundane and trivial. They fiercely attack when need be and can be a reminder for us to gather our courage to do the same when it comes to our fears and our fear of what may, at present, be unknown.

They can be a message for us to re-connect with the element they mostly live in, air – i.e. the higher mental plane and teach us to love both the light and the dark.

Eagle also speaks of freedom and for myself I would not have walked the path I have and be doing what I am now without having listened, paid attention to and acted on Eagle’s guidance along the way.

Many times I haven’t logically had a clue where I was going and Eagle has always appeared to show me which direction to take next.

Many have lost conscious awareness of their connection to all that exists and Eagle comes as a very powerful reminder of that. Eagle medicine is extremely powerful medicine to be honoured and respected in relation to healing and serves as a reminder also that the dance which leads us to the freedom of flight is one in which we are adventurous enough to take courage, spread our wings and like Eagle soar the heavens.

An interesting thing I have found in relation to Eagle is that those around me who once paid no or very little attention to Eagle now often see Eagles and for myself I always know I am “on track” with whatever I may be thinking, tossing around in my head to do or am actually doing, when Eagle makes an appearance.

Eagle has guided me to people, to new caves, assisted me enormously in my own healing and understanding and has even helped me find my way on many occasions to places I am supposed to be at when logically I have been driving around trying to find a place.

I’ve learned over the years that the power, guidance, wisdom and medicine of Eagle can never be underestimated and Eagle along with Wolf have both been extremely instrumental in leading me “home”. Copyright C. O’ Connor 2014.



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