One very profound thing my life has shown me without question is that all consists of energy vibrating at different frequencies or what some folk term “levels”.   What appears to our limited logical, rational, in this reality minds is that we are separate to all that exists around us and that all feels and appears to be solid.  Yet basic science tells us that everything consists of atoms moving or vibrating at different speeds or frequencies if you like.  Quantum Physics has taken great leaps forward in helping us understand that true solidity as opposed to our physical reality of solidity, is just not simply so.  Consciousness is definitely not limited to physical boundaries, distance or what appears to us to be solid.

Where our attention and focus is directed with our consciousness/thoughts is where our energy flows.  Music is a perfect example of how the energy of sound impacts on us and can be very healing when it is focussed. When we truly feel the energy of music that resonates with us it also moves us to dance.

Many of us know that if we focus on “negatives” more negatives appear, if we focus on “positives” more positives appear.  Many of us also know we create a lot of what goes on with our thoughts and our emotions due to our thoughts.  Change the thought and you change the emotion. Feel the energy of the emotion and it no longer exists in your body, for it is transformed and in being released or transformed it stops us getting stuck like sticks on the side of the river bank of life in behaviours and situations that do not make us happy.  Stuck or blocked energy is a huge factor in illness and dis-ease.  Dis-ease whilst we often refer to it as disease, can often equate to not being at ease with one’s Self.

In conscious dreaming or active dreaming, which is what some call lucid dreaming, shamanic journeying or even astral travelling and which also includes what many call past life regression, you become very aware that your consciousness is not just limited to your physical body.  You can and quite often do experience flying or falling for example in your “dream” body.  You can also experience that you are not who you are in this physical reality i.e. you can for eg “dream” that you are an animal, or a tree, or that you are stuck in stone and part of a mountain, you can dream you are a bird and your consciousness can and does merge with other energies including aspects of yourself that normally would not happen for most in their experience within their physical body.

You can even walk through walls in your “dream” body and you can also gain access to what we call “past” lives where you are in a body that you “know” is yours but looks nothing like you presently do.   You can also interact with other Souls you know and even don’t know, some of whom have passed on and no longer exist in a physical body and yes you can also experience aspects of future.

Further, it is not at all uncommon to have telepathic or verbal communication with others, including animals and birds etc. in this altered state of consciousness where “time”, solidity and all that is logical and rational does not exist.   It is also very apparent to me that if you have an issue with someone which cannot be resolved for whatever reason in this physical reality it can very simply and easily be done in what we call “dreaming” so that you gain peace for yourself around whatever situation has occurred that has thrown you off balance emotionally.


Reiki is commonly known to most, but Seichim isn’t.  Personally I have had very lovely sessions with Reiki Practitioners, where I have either released mild blockages of energy that had not been expressed at some point in “time” or where it is all so very relaxing my consciousness has drifted off away from my body to somewhere very peaceful and pleasant.  Reiki alone however, in comparison to a combination of Reiki/Seichim is like comparing a small torchlight to a spotlight.  The energy is  so much more powerful.  Reiki is known as the wave of energy going in, Seichim the wave of energy coming out.

Seichim’s  foundations apparently lay in Buddhist teachings that were brought to India by Buddhist monks at some point in time and it is believed to have derived from the healing power taught and practised in Ancient Egypt called Sekhem and then translated into its Sanskrit equivalent Seichim.

The hieroglyphic symbols used for this very powerful energy are found etched on the sides of the Pyramids and within the tombs of Egypt.  Whilst Sekhem is the energy of the Goddess Sekhmet, primordial Goddess of both healing and destruction, Kwan Yin, the energy of the Eastern Goddess of mercy and compassion is associated with Seichim.  Like Reiki, Reiki/Seichim treatments can be done in person or via distance and then can assist naturally with the healing of any symptom, illness or dis-ease.

Although Seichim is a very gentle, feminine and loving energy it heals in a very direct manner working on core problems and beliefs.  It address the subtle aspects of cause releasing the imprints in the subtle bodies which create symptoms of illness and dis-ease in our physical bodies.  As a tool for self-transformation it accelerates our personal development and aids us in achieving our full potential.  It also assists us to make appropriate changes where necessary in our lives, allowing us to stay more balanced, grounded and confident as we clarify our emotions and experience the ever changing world.

For myself I have seen some quite miraculous things occur when I have done healing with others using Reiki/Seichim either in person or via distance healing and it is not at all uncommon for my hands to become burning hot during a session as I allow the energy to come through them.  Nor is it uncommon for me to experience what we generally call visions concerning the other person.


If you would like to experience the benefit of Reiki/Seichim Healing, distance only being relative to physical location, a half hour session will cost you $30 and the session needs to be and can be pre-paid on my website www.cheocoenterprises.com.    Once you have booked your session I will then email you to organise a date and time.   Whilst your name alone will be sufficient enough for me to work with,  it is hugely beneficial if you can also send me a recent photograph of yourself and advise me of what is going on for you. It is not totally necessary that you set aside the half hour we organise but again it would be more beneficial for you to do so.  Further information will come to you via email once you have booked your session and I will also check in with you after it.

Please note that I do not set intentions when doing any healing work.  I merely ask that the session bring whatever is needed for the highest good of all concerned.   I do not claim at all to “cure” anyone of anything a person may be experiencing.

For myself though I know firsthand that Reiki/Seichim alone was responsible for assisting me to stop limping and bend my knee again properly after some 18 years of not being able to due to an injury I sustained in a horrific fatal car accident I was involved in.  The result was quite miraculous as specialists I had seen concerning my knee over the years had told me emphatically that I would never again re-gain the full use of my knee nor lose the feeling of numbness the injury created.

If you have any questions or are interested in learning more and being attuned to Reiki, Seichim or both please do not hesitate to contact me @cheoco99@yahoo.com.au. Thank you.

Cheers, Cheryl.

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