BIG NEWS FOLKS – hence the caps. 🙂

Ok, so today is the day that Corey Poirier is releasing his first e-book, Thriving, after 7 traditional (including two bestsellers) books.

The book is based on 3000+ interviews that he has personally conducted with many of the world’s top enlightened super-achievers; such as Jack Canfield, John Gray, Chalene Johnson, T. Harv Eker, and more – thanks to his top rated Conversations With PASSION! Radio Show.

In the book, for the first time ever in this capacity, he shares the top 5 Success Keys learned during thousands of hours of research. Readers also find direct insights from 101 of the world’s top thought leaders and content creators, as shared during the interviews; including the Wellness Universes’ very own Anna Pereira.

If you would like a copy of his book for FREE it’s simple – just go to and sign up for my monthly Newsletter. In your thank you email you will find the link where you can obtain this very inspiring book. You will also find a link to download my 10 Page Dreamwork Ebooklet designed specifically to assist you to get more in touch with your dreams and ways to work with them as well as synchronicity.

This wonderful free gift from Corey is only available for 30 days – June 8 in the northern hemisphere (June 9 here in Oz) until July 8 (9 here).

The other exciting part of this is that ALL existing Newsletter subscribers will be receiving an email later today with the link for them to obtain this free gift also if they wish to.

Big thanks to Corey for his generosity in providing this gift to all who would like to receive it.

Alone we can only do so much but together we can quite literally change the world.

Have an awesome day folks!  C.