I’m Back

Hi Folks,

It’s been quite a while since I have had the time or space to write anything here.

As an update:

I spent the bulk of last year attending markets so I was travelling around a lot and honestly it was not only exhausting it was not financially viable.  I also completed a Cert IV in New Business Management. I have closed the shop at Petrie, shut down the website and I am now selling craft items only online, either via the Facebook Page or over at the Etsy Shop.

I am about to re-vamp both, and plan to have them up and running again as soon as possible.  I have quite a few artworks I have done which will also be for sale.

I made an executive decision at the end of last year to continue my own learning and  personal development and applied to my local University to undertake a Social Work Degree.  I was accepted and I have been studying full time this year.

Over the coming months I will be making an effort to write articles to share with you on a more regular basis.

Cheers, C.



Pfer Pig

By Michele Dowling. 

More photos of Pfer, and her story can be purchased at PferPig

Pfer pig lived on a farm with many other animals.  She loved them and always considered them “family”, although they always made fun of her because she was a P I G and pigs were known for being lazy, dirty and dumb.

Most of her days were spent eating, rolling around in her favourite mud hole and then sleeping in the sun and she was happy but lately when she slept her dreams were not peaceful, they were upsetting. She would often see large orange flames licking at the walls of the barn, her snout and eyes would burn from the heat, she found it hard to breathe and see because of all the smoke and she would wake herself up squealing “danger, fire” as loud as she could, only to see all the other animals laughing at her.

She didn’t like it when they laughed at her, or when the old rooster grumbled at her, telling her to stop being so silly and go back to sleep.  One night though, a fire really did break out in the barn and if it weren’t for Pfer squealing loudly the horses never would have woken and kicked down the barn doors, waking all the other animals up which allowed them to escape the inferno.

From that day on Pfer was thought of as a hero and all the animals treated her differently.  They no longer laughed or grumbled at her.  Nor did they think her and her dreams were silly, instead they respected her and neither she nor the other animals ever doubted her dreams again.

© Story & Image Michele Dowling & Cheryl O’Connor February 2017 – all rights reserved.  This story and associated image/s may not be reproduced in any way without the express written consent of Michele or Cheryl who can be contacted via Cheoco Enterprises, Old Petrie Town, Whiteside, Queensland, Australia.  Ph: 0423 663 520.  Email:  Website:


It’s Been A While!

Seven months in fact since I last shared anything here.  As you can see by just a few pics which in no way shows all that I have been creating, I haven’t been twiddling my thumbs.

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John Lennon once said,”life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.”

My life is pretty much as he described.  I have many good intentions to do this or that, and even write down seemingly endless to-do lists, whilst being extremely efficient in prioritising and time management, but I learnt long ago that plans rarely if ever, go according to plan and that seriously there just does not seem to be enough hours in a day to do all I would like to achieve.

Since I last wrote I cannot even begin to remember all that has occurred, I just know I have been extremely productive, have been learning heaps, have been through a few processes as well as am consistently fine-tuning my business – Cheoco Enterprises and now here we are well into the second month of 2017!   I am presently working on a re-vamp of the website which you can view at  I have also been working on winter stock for my shop at Old Petrie Town throughout the heat of summer.

I’m presently studying again – a Cert IV in Business Management and this year I am facilitating Active Dreaming Circles in two venues.  Womenspace at Sandgate – which I do on a voluntary basis, and Wantok Multicultural Centre in Old Petrie Town. I am also facilitating New Moon Drumming Circles at Womenspace, in a voluntary capacity.

If you would like to attend either of those events Womenspace has them listed in their Events Section on their FB Page and I believe on their website.   The next New Moon Drumming Circle and as I understand it, the only one on the north side of Brisbane, is being held on the 27th of February starting at 7.00 pm and running until 8.00pm.  Cost for non-members is $5 and members are free.

In relation to the Active Dreaming Circles, the next two of which are being held on the 14th of March at Womenspace and the 15th of March at Wantok, from 7pm to 8pm in both venues, you are invited to join me in a safe and respectful environment where  we will be looking at and working with how we can:

  • Make sense of the weirdness of our dreams.
  • Use the world around us as our own personal map.
  • Create our very own encyclopaedia of dream symbols and their specific meaning to us.
  • Face the fears of nightmares & empower ourselves.
  • Learn the language of dreams.
  • Tap into our creativity using our dreams.
  • Strengthen our intuition via our dreams.
  • Incubate a dream for guidance.
  • Clear subconscious blockages which keep us feeling stuck.
Each month we will be entering The Dreaming consciously in order to experience firsthand the insight, guidance and wisdom awaiting us.
Cost is $20 per month at Wantok, OR you can pay upfront for 6 months and receive the seventh month FREE.
Please contact Womenspace if you would like to join in there.  The cost for non-members is $5 and for members this and other events are free.
Payment for Wantok bookings can be made via:-
PayPal –
Bank Transfer – Please contact me – 0423 663 520.
Or in person by Eftpos or Cash.
Please bring writing and drawing materials, something to lay on, a cushion or pillow, eye cover if necessary, and water.
If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.
Until next time, which won’t be quite so long as I am also working on some stories and articles to share,  safe travels and sweet dreams,
Cheers, C.