The Wisdom of Dreams

It was short, sharp and to the point.  From an underwater viewpoint stood a Native Man his arm outstretched, his right hand open gesturing stop, do not proceed, retreat, as two huge unknown water mammals of translucent white, not dissimilar to Dugongs, approached him.  Yet they were not Dugongs, this much I knew.  What they were I was unable to name for never before had I seen these sea creatures. 

I knew they had swum a great distance to reach this place. This hadn’t been an insignificant or short trip, it had taken a very long time and yet here was another, clearly and unspoken, alerting them to a danger that lay ahead should they proceed.  The feeling I experienced was that if they did not heed the Native Man’s warning, destruction of that which they were attempting to reach or perhaps even death of themselves, would be their fate. Reluctantly, silently and sadly the large mammals turned around and swam off into the depths from which they had emerged.

From witnessing this scene and feeling both the abruptness of the Native Man’s message and the sadness and disappointment these mammals experienced, the wisdom being displayed was clear to me. What I had witnessed related very strongly to a situation I was experiencing, which had occurred just as abruptly, was as equally shocking, saddening and disappointing. However, despite my feelings, I heeded the dream’s warning, to silently retreat, to not react at all and to under no circumstances, proceed any further with asking any questions or express my own thoughts and feelings regarding what appeared to unleash itself in my direction. 

My logic was extremely curious though regarding what type of mammals these beautiful white creatures were.  I began researching images of Dugongs because even though during the experience I knew they weren’t Dugongs, I wondered if perhaps there was a rare breed of Dugong that looked anything like the ocean-faring mammals who had appeared in my dream.  I drew a blank and so I let it all be and continued on with other things which needed doing.

One morning a short time later, totally unexpectedly, just as unexpectedly as both the situation I had encountered and the dreaming experience, I was scrolling through a social media site and suddenly, right there in front of me was the animal from my dream.  Large, translucent white, same head, eyes and mouth shapes. Everything about this image was exactly the same as the animals I had seen, except my dream mammals were much larger.  They were, in fact, Beluga Whales.  Ahh haa, at least now I had a name!  

And so I began to do a little research on these lovely animals, discovering that they are family-oriented, often appeared in Russian Folklore and the most significant attribute they had, which related to my dream, was that when they travel in pods, they often do so silently, so as not to attract killer whales.  Even though they are also known as the canaries of the sea, given their range of clicks, tweets and vocal offerings. I also read that often they will retreat, rather than confront. 

This information not only validated my own inner wisdom as to what the dreaming experience was really telling me about my physical scenario but it reinforced for me that the action of non-confrontation and retreat had indeed been my best option at the time. 

Many say dreams are nonsense, many ignore the inner wisdom they freely deliver and it seems to me dreams are wasted by those who do not learn their language or how to work with them.  For as long as I have been working with dreams, always they run parallel to waking life and provide insight, guidance and direction we all can use to navigate our lives with much more ease, grace, peace, acceptance and consciously aware responses, as opposed to subconscious reactions and arguments, when engaging with each other in our various relationships.

Maybe this perception of dreams as nonsense and the lack of understanding about how dreams work is why so many folks also say they don’t remember their dreams.  If a visitor comes knocking on your door with a gift for you and you do not open the door, how many times will they return to attempt to bring you the gift, and how will you receive it, if you never open the door?

© C. O’Connor February 2020. Image © Pixabay.

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