Handmade Expo 11 Oct 2015 3

Hi folks,  I’ve been head down creating now for a good couple of months hence my absence from here and from doing much writing.  Some 20 years ago now I fell in love with Steiner inspired craft work when I made my first doll and have been making it on and off ever since, my aim being to make it more affordable and accessible to folk.  All items are made with Australian sourced pure wool, wool fleece, felt or cotton.  Stuffing for items that require it is merino roving/tops.  A lot of the items have little or no facial features so that children can imagine them however they want to.

I attended festiValley at the Samford Valley Steiner School in August (my second time as a stall holder there) and then The Handmade Expo at Morayfield in September and yesterday.  I will be back at Old Petrie Town, Dayboro Road, Kurwongbah for this coming Sundays market and you will find me in the Signal Room at the Railway Station located in the South West corner of the park away from the main shops and market.  I’ll be there from 8am until 2pm and will have a smaller selection of stock available than what appears in the pics here.

The next event I will have all stock available at will be The Handmade Expo at Morayfield on 1 November from 9am until 2pm which is held on the first Sunday of each month at the Indoor Sports/Leisure Centre behind Bunnings.   I’ve re-opened the Etsy Shop which you can browse here Cheoco and have many but not all of the available items listed.   Prices of items ranges from $2.50 to $100.

The Facebook page has now reached over 6,100 likes and I have become a core blogger for The Wellness Universe.  You can read my latest article for that group here Are we truly busy?

I’m also booked in to attend the North Deception State School Fair on 7 November, the Wamuran School Christmas Fair on 28 November and The Handmade Expo at Morayfield first Sunday in December.

Have attached some pics of yesterday and the lead up to it. Cheers, C.

Handmade Expo 11 Oct 2015 5Handmade Expo 11 Oct 2015 1Handmade Expo 11 Oct 2015 7Handmade Expo 11 Oct 2015 4TableFelted Wooden Gnomes and DollFelted mouseHandmade Expo 11 Oct 2015 6The French SnowmanPenguin Mice and Lady BirdFront of Yellow Haired Angel with GarlandFront of Queen AngelFront of AngelChristmas ElvesElf 1

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