I’ve been invited by Corey Poirier – Award Winning Speaker, International Best Selling Author and TEDx Featured Thought Leader to be interviewed this Thursday, 3pm EST, 4:00pm5:00pm in UTC-03 on his Conversations with Passion Radio Show which will be airing a special LIVE episode where he will talk about the brand new THRIVING book and will welcome members of the thriving Wellness Universe to the show to talk about purpose, passion, creating content, impacting lives, and more.

You can listen in on Thursday at the applicable link =

For folk in Australia this will be happening LIVE on Friday morning at 5am.

Guests will include Wellness Universe Members Heather Lang, Phoenix Ivey Sierra, Cheryl O’Connor, Robert Clancy, Beth Bracaglio and Di Riseborough.  For those of you in Australia this will be happening on Friday at 5am.

Huge thank you to The Wellness Universe and Corey Poirier – looking forward to chatting with Corey. Whoo hooo, yee haa and high five all round 🙂 Yes I am excited, can you tell?

Cheers, C.

Image: Copyright Corey Poirier.


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