Morning all,

Those of you who know me know how very passionate  I am about Dreamwork.  What began as what felt like a curse in 1992, where often times I dreaded shutting my eyes not knowing what would happen to me next has landed up being the biggest blessing in my life.  I cannot even begin to count the number of gifts, insights, healing, understanding, wisdom and the totally life altering experiences that have occurred for me since my fascination with dreams began and I started paying attention to what they were telling me about myself and about life.

Today marks another milestone on my journey to bring more dreaming awareness and the enormous benefits of working with dreams, synchronicity and imagination into our world with the passing of 4,000 likes on the Cheoco Enterprises Face Book  page overnight. To see so many folk interested in what I share is wonderful after over two decades of devotion to Self Healing, Self Awareness and Self Empowerment  filled with love, passion, time, money, learning, dedication, enthusiasm and energy having being consistently poured into various websites, copious articles, close to 2,000 posters, workshops, talks and private sessions either in person, via Skype or email, participation over the years in various online groups and forums, courses, reading, private study and so it has gone on and continues to occur.

I cannot convey to anyone the feeling I had when I saw this milestone occur this morning – words just don’t do it justice.  All those years ago I had a vision of how my life could be so to see it starting to manifest as I saw it would is definitely not something that I can describe.  That vision was what kept me going through so much darkness, pain and fear that I had to face within myself.  To this day I am still in awe of the faith, trust and courage I needed which was available to me to draw on from inside myself.

I am also in total awe of the wonderful folk who have crossed and still do cross my path – all of whom have been teachers.   They say a student is only as good as their teacher and I have no idea what I did to draw so many amazing teachers into my life but to them and to all who have been supporting me and my work right across all social media platforms, all of which are growing steadily – thank you and Namaste.

Much love and peace to all.



  1. Congratulations Cheryl! The wonderful appreciation I have for you goes beyond words. You humbly work diligently on your life’s mission and every breadcrumb is just as appreciated by you as the whole loaf of bread. I admire that! And as you said ‘slowly you catch the monkey’ ❤️


    1. Love that analogy Anna, thank you. Takes many breadcrumbs to create a loaf. So blessed and grateful to you and for you being in my life. Much love. C.


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