I am in an upright position, in murky water when suddenly a large Croc comes at me from behind – mouth wide open about to swallow me for lunch. I’m not ready to die yet and certainly not as this ones meal so I grab its top and lower jaw with my hands and spread them even further open, breaking its jaw in the process.  It disappears back into the murky darkness it came from but not before we have rolled around for a bit as they do when instinct requires them to do the death roll once they grab their prey.

The scene changes and I am now walking on stepping stones across very clear water, the weather is sunny and all seems good and right with the world.  Abruptly the stones are no more and there is a concrete wall/barrier in front of me.  I want to keep moving in the direction I was heading and the only way to do that is to step around the barrier and then swim.  I see land ahead and know this is where I need to reach.  For what reason I do not know, I just know I need to keep moving to reach the land.

As I enter the water it is crystal clear and very beautiful.  The temperature is lovely and I am observing myself swimming as well as feeling myself swimming.  I can see that the water below me changes colour from totally clear to a darker blue towards the bottom as I look at it from above my body.  It is very deep and on the bottom lay maybe 5 crocodiles, one in particular is a very large one who I believe is a male and is very territorial.  I sense they all think I will make a tasty dish as they all start rising slowly upwards whilst I am swimming.

The biggest one, which is closest to me, definitely has me in its sights for supper and is getting closer and closer to me as I am moving towards the land.  I reach the earth close enough to stand and as I go to stand he takes a  very large snap at my heals.  He misses, I step out of the water onto the land and start walking away from him.  For some reason he retreats back into the water.  I find that most odd as normally crocodiles have no hesitation in coming up onto the land if they are after a feed.

The whole time during all of this I experience no fear.  It all seems rather matter of fact and whilst I find it odd he didn’t chase me onto the land I sense there is some sort of invisible barrier he cannot get through.  His domain is totally the water and for whatever reason he simply cannot come out of the water which means he can neither harm me any more, nor can he follow me.

It was at this point I was back in my bed wondering what the heck was all that about.  It was about 2am and so I got up, made a cup of tea and pondered the experience.  I could not make head nor tail of it really.  I figured water/emotions – murky emotions, not seeing something clearly and then very calm, clear and able to see.  For me crocodiles represented primal instincts, ancient instincts even, fiercely territorial, amazing survivors and I know they can move quicker than any snake I have seen move when they choose to.   That was about as far as I got with it as things in this physical reality were needing my attention.   I didn’t forget the dream at all I just put it on the side burner of my awareness figuring it will make total sense at some point.

Fast forward oohh maybe a week or so and events unfolded that at first left me feeling really upset due to the actions of another and nope I didn’t stay silent about what they had done which was, from my perception, rather sneaky and deceitful and it was certainly not their place to do what they took it upon themselves to do.  I had my say and they clearly did not wish to discuss the matter so that was that, they disappeared back into the space from which they had emerged.

I made a phone call to try and find out what the heck was really going on as none of what this person was doing made any sense to me at all.  I waited for a return call and received nothing until about a week or so later when another called me – had a short rant and then hung up in my ear.  This was the person who was closest to me in this situation.  There was no opportunity given for discussion, no questions asked, no room for a response to be given and heard and whilst it all “should” have upset me I didn’t feel anything much except relief that given the message they conveyed to me I would NEVER have to deal with this person ever again who I had been dealing with for some 45 years.

I felt nothing for the first time in all those years that was even close to wanting or needing to ring them back and ask what the heck was going on, write to them and ask any questions, nor did I feel any need to even try to defend myself nor give them a piece of my mind.  Nothing, zippo, nada.  I could clearly see that this was their “stuff” not mine and that it would not matter one bit what I said or did none of it would make any difference as it wouldn’t even be heard given the emotional state of the other person. (In hindsight the large Croc who could not come up onto the land for they were stuck in their emotional “stuff” i.e. the water.) It was quite literally my best option to just remain silent and yes to walk away entirely from the whole situation.

It wasn’t until the next morning when I was thinking about how this person always seemed to “thrive on getting a bite” out of others by stirring the pot, having a dig at me about something or the other over many years and how I had always bitten when they had behaved like that, that I literally stopped in my tracks due to a spine tingling, arm hair raising OMG ahhh haaa NOW I know what the dream was about.

Often it is the situation we scout future in The Dreaming to see what lays ahead and often the future will appear to us totally symbolically like this all did.  It really does pay to keep a journal and ensure you write down even just tiny snippets if that is all you recall.  Dreams like, it seems to me, to be mysterious and intriguing and often you have to play detective to grasp logically what they are really telling you.   Hence my total dislike for Dream Dictionaries and the very definite this categorically means that.   Crocodiles when they have turned up in the past have meant very different things to what these ones were symbolic of. This is why it also pays to keep and A-Z Index Book in which you can write down what certain symbols mean to you as the meaning of them is revealed to you in different contexts.

As for my crocs, may they swim happily ever after together and find peace within themselves, as I continue to walk my path without their presence in my life any longer.

Cheers, Cheryl.  


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  1. Thanks Cheryl! Enjoyed the read and suggestion to write down what happens. I never thought that dreams may predict future events…hmmmmm….THANKS!!


    1. My pleasure Kay thank you for reading. We can also access past life scenarios that are impacting on the present in The Dreaming, communicate with loved ones who have passed on and oohh so much more when we enter The Dreaming fully conscious. Cheers, C.


  2. WOW Cheryl. Way to love yourself and your journey! Need an emoticon gif for bowing to you hands in the air. Thanks for sharing your story. I have difficult relationships with some people in my family and I wish I had your courage to stay out of the water. hugs, gerry.


    1. Thank you Gerry. I feel like I have just reached a place within me, age perhaps even where I just cannot be bothered by other folks re-active behaviour if they are choosing to project it my way. I have just finished writing an article about re-action and response today and will be posting it shortly. Cheers, C.

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