Another Milestone of Gratitude – 2,500 Facebook Likes

Hi folks,  I’ve been a little quiet here at WordPress as I have been flat out elsewhere.  The new digs at the park are taking shape nicely and more and more folk are starting to find their way there which is lovely to see and always wonderful for me to meet new folk.  So to all who have been stopping by and saying hi, thank you.   The stock of Dolls and Toys is steadily growing and thanks to all the folk who have been purchasing those.  I’ve been invited to once again attend The Samford Valley Steiner School bi-annual FestiValley which will be held at this stage on the 29th of August, so am looking forward to that event and busily creating stock for it at present.

I’m pretty chuffed that my work is spreading further afield, no small thanks to the solid year of networking I have participated in via social media and in person, which I am still putting my energy into.  I can’t thank the folk at The Wellness Universe enough and other groups on Facebook that I am involved with for all the sharing and opportunities  I have been provided with.  This week one of my articles was featured at The Wellness Universe website and also one of my quotes.  So many folk have shared both those around, which is lovely and I am most grateful for all the sharing that occurs of my work across all the social media platforms.  The Purple Bridge website and FB Group have also invited me to participate in what they have created which is an honour I am grateful to have been given.

The Paranormal Awareness Community have invited me to present a Workshop which will be occurring on Monday 4th May at the Mango Hill Community Centre, Chermside Road, North Lakes from 6.45pm until 8.15.  Cost of that if you would like to participate is $30 and payable at the door on the night.

The next two hour workshop will be held at Wantok on 30th May  between 10.00am and 12.00pm.

I’ve slowly been getting my head around Twitter and big thank you there also to the 300 plus followers.  I’ve been seeing a large increase in numbers right across the various places my work is available which is wonderfully encouraging – so am sending a big thank you out to you all.   Cheers and I hope you have a lovely day.  C.

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