Cheoco News

Hi all,

I have a rather busy period coming up – if you are local I invite you to attend the first of many events I will be participating in this year – The Health & Harmony Expo being held this coming weekend in Caboolture.

See link for details.

At this event I will be presenting two free seminars, one on each day at 10am, The Benefits of Dreamwork/Shamanic Journeying in relation to Self Awareness, Self Healing and Self Empowerment.  I will also have Steiner based Dolls and Toys available for purchasing/ordering both days.  If you would like to have a look at some of the dolls and toys you will find them here as they are also available for online purchasing/ordering.

For those who aren’t aware of it I also send out a Newsletter once a month during the last week of the month and each month new subscribers who sign up prior to the 20th of each month go into a draw to win various things I can offer.  This month it’s a your choice draw of either a Dream Analysis Session, a Distance Healing Session or a copy of The Promise.  Link to the Newsletter subscription is  All subscribers also receive a 10% discount on their first consultation with me and in the Newsletter you will find a link to 33 tips and tricks designed to assist you to get the most out of your dreams.

Cheers and I hope you have a wonder full week – C.

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