Will be held on 31 January. Cost per person $50. Any queries please contact me. Thank you. Cheryl.


‪#‎Cheryl O’Connor. ‪#‎Holistic ‪#‎Counsellor,

Author & Writer. * Cognitive & Body Based Counselling. * Creative & Artistic Therapies. * Specialising in ‪#‎Dream ‪#‎Analysis/‪#‎Conscious ‪#‎Dreaming & ‪#‎Shamanic Journeying. * ‪#‎Reiki/‪#‎Seichim Treatments & Attunements. * #Isis ‪#‎Meditation.

Newsletter Subscription @ – All subscribers will receive a 10% discount on their first initial consultation for any of my services along with 10 pages of awesome tips and tricks to help you start deciphering the language of your Soul, your dreams, as well as the symbolism of what appears to you daily. Website @

My book The Promise, Skype & Email Consultations Available – FB: Skype: cheryloconnor333 Twitter: Cheryl O’Connor@Cheoco99 Email:

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