“The farther you enter into the Truth

The deeper it is.”

Zen Master Bankei

Colours like everything else that appears in your life, which includes your dreams, for they are not separate to your so called waking reality, do so for a reason.

The colours of the rainbow correspond to the colours of the main seven energy centres within the body known as Chakras.  It can be helpful in understanding what your dreams are telling you to know what specific colours mean for you.

For example you may dream you are wearing yellow clothing/protection for your naked vulnerable body or Self. Clothing can be symbolic of the attitudes we present to the outside world and if that were the case for you – you would therefore know that your present attitude related not only to an issue with the corresponding chakra but also to the symbolism of yellow.  Depending on everything else that occurs in your experience this information would, at the very least, give you some clues to start working with.

Whilst only you can ever know what a specific symbol or colour means for you, as a very basic guideline I present the following for your information and consideration.

Red – Base Chakra – Being grounded, passionate, sensual.  Can symbolise blood – the life force that pumps around our bodies via our intake of oxygen and it can also relate to wounds and anger. It is said that wearing red and black can be a powerful message of assertiveness but it can also unknowingly to many trigger subconsciously another’s wounds creating re-actions.

Orange – Sacral Chakra – The colour of flamboyance, tolerance, change, confidence, emotional balance, striving, happiness and of being social.

Yellow – Solar Plexus – This colour stimulates mental discrimination, discipline, organisation and its’ healing energy works on fear and can symbolise fear.

Green – Heart Chakra – Healing, growth, expansion and harmony.

Blue – Throat Chakra – Communication, truth, compassion, patience, sensitivity and contemplation.  Can sometimes relate to needing to speak your truth.

Purple – Brow Chakra – The colour of inspiration, vision and turning into the inner worlds.

White – Crown Chakra – Spirituality, Spirit, purifying, divine love and wholeness.

Pink – Is said to be associated with love.

Black – Is said to relate to the depths of the Subconscious, which some see as being our own darkness.

So, if for example I were to come across a Red Belly Black Snake as I have many times and also did recently by way of a picture someone put up on Facebook – to me that would indicate that the healing (general symbolism for Snake in its most basic form) of a subconscious wound was on its way.

In relation to the Rainbow there is an old story that the first Rainbow appeared after the great flood that covered the Earth. It was said to be “God’s” message and promise that “he” would never destroy the Earth and its people again.   It is a symbol of hope and often when there has been rain, just as we too go through emotional releasing and storms in our life, we emerge from those with hope and the sun starts to shine again.

Then there are the pot of gold at the end of the Rainbow stories along with the Rainbow Serpent stories belonging to the Indigenous folk of Australia.  There is also the story about Teewah at Fraser Island here in Australia that relates to the Coloured Sands found there.

The Native Americans also have their own stories about the Rainbow as no doubt so too do other Indigenous cultures.

The use of colour can be very therapeutic revealing much to us in relation to blockages of energy that are occurring within our bodies when used either in water colour therapy or by using different coloured cloths to make an abstract picture of what is really going on inside us when words just don’t cut it. Visualisation of breathing in certain colours, when done in a cyclic breathing sequence, can assist clearing out blockages, releasing emotions and pain and bringing life force back into all parts of our bodies.

Advances in technology have shown us that photographs can be taken which clearly show the human aura as consisting of colours also.

There is much more to colour than many of us realise and it pays to pay attention to what colours you are drawn to and what they are really telling you.

Cheers, Cheryl.

Copyright C. O’Connor 2014.



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