Ever wondered why you or folk around you appear to be impacted emotionally by a full moon or things just seem to go a little crazy at this time?

Well … The moon controls the planets tides, full moons usually bring about bigger high tides.

Symbolically and very generally speaking water represents our emotions.  The ocean our unconscious or subconscious emotions.   The moon is known in some cultures as Grandmother and is symbolic of the energy of the feminine, psychic energy and the subconscious.  So it stands to reason that internally as the moon rises and pulls at the earth’s water levels making them rise that within ourselves the exact same thing happens for a huge percentage of our body is made up of water.   It is often the case that when the full moon actually occurs there is a heightened level of emotion within us that needs releasing, not dissimilar in many ways to waves crashing on the shore.

In other cultures the moon represents the nurturing, re-generative and mothering aspects of Self and generally speaking in most cultures the Moon is linked in with the Divine Feminine.

In some Native American practices of old (I do not know if the practice still exists these days) what we refer to as our menstruation time was known as a woman’s moon time as it usually coincided with the full moon.  It is not uncommon at all for a household with more than one women in it or women who work together to all start cycling at the same time.  Just as the moon has its cycle so too do our bodies and they are intrinsically linked.

The Native Americans had a beautiful practice at their moon time where the women would retreat to the Moon Lodge to rest, restore, sleep, dream and re-connect with themselves and their sisters having given so much time, energy and love to family and community during the periods between their moon time.   This was their time to just be and well how many of you have noticed that when it is your moon time you really just want to be left alone to do your thing, whatever that may be.   It was also considered to be a time when Woman is at her most powerful.

It is hardly surprising to me, given our western cultural practice of carry on Columbus regarding this monthly event in our lives that many women suffer PMS as we have been conditioned for most of our lives to not express ourselves, not restore ourselves, not take time out for ourselves and when our moon time comes if we are experiencing cramping, pain etc., many just pop a pill so they can carry on as “normal”.

The lead up to our full moon time in our busy lives of rush here, rush there and deal with all that goes on prior to our own moon time is like the emotional tide beginning to rise within each of us as our bodies begin to swell and with the onset of the full moon and usually with the onset of menstruation sweet relief comes in more ways than one physically.

The more we hold onto by way of stress or emotionally prior to this time the more that needs to be released.  Whilst men obviously do not experience menstruation I don’t believe, from experience, that they too do not experience this rising of stuffed down emotions that builds up and is released during a full moon.

We all need alone time to release, reflect, restore, nurture and re-connect with our self and it is not only more than okay to do so it is hugely beneficial to us and those around us to ensure we make time for it and well I personally can’t think of a better time to do that than when we and the moon are full.

Cheers, Cheryl.

© Cheryl O’Connor 2014.


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    1. My pleasure and thank you for sharing your experience. It is lovely when folk do because we all then get to see there is always a different view. For myself the lead up is full of dreaming experiences and once full yes very beautiful, peace full and satisfying. Cheers, C.


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