Most of us would presume that Fairy Tales hold no greater meaning than a story we tell to our children. Yet when looked at symbolically you can soon pick up that there is far greater wisdom in them than being “just a story”.

In most fairy tales the plot and theme seem to be very similar – child leaves “home” for one reason or another to enter the wide world. Encounters difficulties and meets all sorts of characters by way of Witches, Wizards, Dragons, Wolves, Wicked Step-Mothers, Goblins etc., momentarily losing sight of the way back by being lost, imprisoned or falling asleep and is usually assisted by animals, elemental beings, fairies and good people.

For me the Fairy Tales are a guide if you like for all of us who participate in the Journey of Life. The child leaving “home” represents not only the physical reality of leaving home but also the shutting down and off of what many call imagination, which for me is full conscious awareness. We then indeed face the “cruel world” and all its’ dangers, not usually understanding or making sense of it as we too encounter many aspects of creation within ourselves some of which we have to face and accept or kill off (walk away from) if they are no longer serving us or making us happy.

As in many of the Fairy Tales, we too so often seek outside of ourselves for what we think will make us happy, usually we attain what we want and then we’re still not totally satisfied, we know something is missing but we can’t quite put our finger on it.

Many of us continually search for that “one true love” to come and sweep us off our feet, he or she enters our lives and we think we’ve finally found him or her. As we enter momentary bliss we make promises to love, be committed to and live with that one person for the rest of our lives. That’s a heck of a long time to be with someone night and day. Personally I don’t find that a very realistic promise to make, although granted some folk seem to manage it. Many of us however stay with partners who we have either outgrown or are incompatible with due to family pressure, guilt, loyalty etc. and having been there, done that I know how fearful it can be for many of us to think we will have to be on our own, possibly for the rest of our lives.

Yet to truly know yourself you need to spend time alone with yourself. I fail to see how anyone can have a meaningful, truthful, loving relationship with another human being if they don’t firstly have that relationship with themselves. Nor can I understand how we can expect one person to give us all we need for the rest of our lives when nine times out of ten we don’t even give ourselves what we honestly need or want. How can we know or understand anyone unless and until we know and understand ourselves first?

The Fairy Tales generally symbolise the inner journey of life, of the faith and trust needed to survive it all and come out on top, of our ability to become aware of and receive assistance from the Animals and other aspects of creation within and around us. Many of us these days see no sense in telling these stories to our children as most of us take them literally and know from cold hard experience there really is no such thing as finding your Prince or Princess and living “happily ever after”, least not externally anyway.

When looked at symbolically however, the Prince or the Princess represent our own masculine and feminine energy.  How many times in fairy tales does the male kiss the female and wake her up?  I see this entirely differently to the surface level which fairy tales bring us for it is only when our masculine logic merges with our feminine knowing that we have a balance within ourselves of both the rational, logical, doing energy (masculine) and nurturing, intuitive, creative energy (feminine) that we can live either on our own or with another “happily ever after”. After all life is indeed a never ending story of our own creation and as we appear to live in a hologram that mirrors what we hold within us – as our energy shifts and changes with our awareness some folk no longer vibrate at the “level” for want of a better word that best reflects us and they do simply drop away, as we shed the energy of what they most represented/reflected to us about ourselves.

The original Fairy Tales like those of the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson hold a wealth of knowledge for children and adults alike about the Journey of Life and how we can more easily navigate our way through it when they are not treated literally.  When a child chooses a particular story they would like you to read to them, you may be very surprised as to how uncannily it relates to your journey and where you are presently at.

Cheers, Cheryl.

© Cheryl O’Connor 2014.


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  1. wonderful words Cheryl…thoroughly enjoyed the read. As an ‘old’ Steiner parent in the past is the appreciation of the inner journey – the art of storytelling to heal, to challenge to shift and to change the inner landscape of our being. xxKristin


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