“Dreamtime visions speak to me of the truth within,

Wisdom, Healing & Knowledge of Self to me they bring,

Helping me to know the true essence of my Soul,

enabling me to consciously experience

I AM …. One with the Whole.”

Within all that exists lies an energy so awesome and powerful it can heal ANYTHING, if the recipient is open to the healing.  Some refer to this energy as “God”, “Great Spirit”, “Universal Life Force”, “Love”, “Nature” and it matters not what the label is, it is what this energy does that matters for it is the energy that gives us life.

 For me this energy is what has been labelled Reiki and various other names. It is one of THE most ancient natural forms of healing known to humanity.  Most of us are familiar with the stories of Christ laying his hands on people and healing them and this is EXACTLY what this energy does.  The nature of it is such that both “hands on” and absentee healing can occur very effectively.

Within the body are energy centres known as Chakras and over time these energy centres get clogged by contraction of energy due to emotions, emotional trauma and beliefs that we often subconsciously hang onto.  My personal experience has been that these blockages are a major cause of illness and dis-ease (not being at ease with one’s Self) within human beings.

A Reiki or Reiki/Seichim Practitioner is someone who has undergone attunement to become a “vessel” for this very powerful energy.  When undergoing “attunement” it is not uncommon at all for very deep and hidden emotional issues to arise in the “attuned” which need releasing.  However as each is unique their experience will be different.

Whilst I have experienced this energy is at the core of everything that exists, attunement to it is still necessary.  We humans are a bit like a huge onion – as the core of who we all are, “love”, comes more and more to the fore whilst we shed our layers of fear, grief, trauma, drama and behavioural conditioning.

We can also be likened to a drain pipe – the more “stuff” we hang onto, usually subconsciously, the more the energy which was designed to flow freely within our bodies becomes stuck and blocked.  So you could think of Reiki/Seichim as being a bit like a natural energetic drain cleaner that assists us to remove our muck which creates re-actions within us (re-acting out an old behavioural pattern) and illness as opposed to a response and free flowing life giving energy.

 Seichim is yet another label/form of this energy for all energy vibrates at different levels or frequencies if you like, so Reiki has one frequency, Seichim another.

The healing energy of Seichim was brought to India by Buddhist Monks and is believed to have derived from the healing power taught and practised in Ancient Egypt called Sekhem, which was then translated into its Sanskrit equivalent Seichim.  Whilst Sekhem is the energy of the Goddess Sekhmet, the primordial Goddess of both healing and destruction, Kwan Yin, the Eastern Goddess of Mercy and Compassion is associated with Seichim.

 My personal experiences as a client and then later a Practitioner with a combination of Reiki/Seichim have been so extremely powerful they have been totally life transforming, not just for myself but for those I have worked with.

 A very small sample of some “case scenarios” for your consideration:

  •  A woman came to me with lumps in her breast.  Doctors were going to operate.  At the time she was also seeing a Naturopath.  We had 6 sessions and she followed the advice of her Naturopath.  A scan was done just prior to the scheduled operation to pinpoint exactly where the lumps were and they no longer existed.
  • A pregnant woman who was losing fluid badly due to a standard medical procedure she underwent was hospitalised and was receiving steroids so that her baby’s lungs would develop as it was feared the baby would come grossly pre-maturely.  She came to me in a vision and asked for help.  I sent her healing.  As I did I saw the hole in the embryonic sack close.  Two weeks later I made enquiries as to how she was and much to the doctor’s amazement she had stopped leaking fluid.
  • A small baby lay lethargically in hospital, his life so far had consisted of nothing much more than hospital.   There was a problem with his lungs and consequently his breathing.   I laid my hands on his tiny chest at his Grandmother’s request for several minutes, the next day he was released because he had become so well.   To my knowledge he has not been back to hospital since and last time I say him he was a very healthy 12 year old.
  • I had suffered for 17 years with numbness, tightness and pain in and around my knee for a good 8 inches due to an injury I received when I was involved in a fatal car accident.   When I was attuned to the combination of Reiki/Seichim I released all the grief and trauma caused by this accident that I didn’t even know existed.  For the first time ever there were none of these symptoms occurring with my knee.

Reiki/Seichim treatments can assist naturally the healing of any symptom, illness or dis-ease and although Seichim, like Reiki, is a very gentle feminine and loving energy it heals in a very direct manner working on core beliefs and issues.  It addresses the subtle aspects of cause, releasing the imprints in the subtle bodies which create symptoms of dis-ease in our physical bodies.  As an aid to transformation it accelerates our personal development and aids us in becoming our FULL potential.

It also assists us to make appropriate changes where necessary in our lives, allowing us to stay more balanced, grounded and confident as we clarify our emotions and experience the ever changing world.

Reiki is known as the wave going in, Seichim the wave coming out.

© C. O’Connor 2013.  Image of Kwan Yin sourced from internet – creator unknown.


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